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It's important to stay cool and comfortable inside your home during the heat. The people of the Charlotte Metro area can depend on Quality Air of the Carolinas’ HVAC Technicians to keep them cool. We provide everything you need to stay cool and comfortable during the summer heat waves. If you are looking for cooling services, look no further. Call us at Quality Air of the Carolinas today at (704) 997-5778!

There are many reasons why people need a new AC unit. Perhaps you’re building a new home, your old unit has stopped working, or your current unit is outdated and inefficient. Whatever the reason, let Quality Air of the Carolinas get you started on the right foot with your next air conditioner. Central air conditioners work hard to keep homes cool. If a unit is forced to exert more power than it is capable of sustaining, it will accrue more wear and tear over time. That’s why it’s imperative that before anything else is done, you get the unit that is best suited to your home. A new, appropriately sized unit will save money on energy bills because it functions more efficiently. Our technicians will consider the specifics of your house and your lifestyle to discover the best fit for you. Once the unit is installed, you will reap immediate benefits.


The most important day of your HVAC system is the day it is installed. The knowledge and skill level of the company installing it, greatly factors in on the life expectancy of any installed unit. Understanding air flow and install check points is paramount to maximizing the safety, efficiency and longevity of your system. When it comes to getting a heating unit, it’s important that you take your time going through the process to ensure you make the right decision. There are several options available, and choosing the wrong one can be costly in the long run. That’s why we calculate your home’s ability to retain heat and account for other variables that affect temperature within the home. This allows us to find the unit that will fit your home’s needs perfectly. If you find you’re having trouble deciding, reach out to us for assistance. You’ll be glad you did!

Most folks believe that an air conditioner cools their home by pumping in cold air. Well, that's not quite how it works! Keep in mind: Cold Is The Lack Of Heat.

What's really going on is your air handler/furnace is blowing indoor air across the indoor evaporator coil. Indoor heat is transfered to the freon which is flowing through the indoor evaporator coil. The heat laden freon then flows back out to the outdoor condensing unit, which then dispells the heat to the outside, via the outdoor condenser coil.

Both the indoor evaporator coil and the outdoor condenser coil are very similar in function to the radiator of your car. Heat transfer is taking place. The picture here is an indoor A-coil. This one is uncased and is built directly into the plenum. Indoor coils can also be purchased built into a case, which installs directly to your air handler or furnace. Next time you are near an outdoor condenser, put your hand over the top of the unit. The air blowing out is hot. This is literally the heat from inside which has been transferred, via freon, to the outside.

Air Conditioning Units

Central Air Conditioners

Typical central air conditioners are split systems (which include an air conditioning unit/air handler usually on the outside and an indoor coil frequently installed on the furnace) that circulate cool air through a system of supply and return ducts. Supply ducts and registers carry cooled air from the air conditioner to the home. This cooled air becomes warmer as it circulates through the home; then it flows back to the central air conditioner through return ducts and registers.

• Heat pumps
Operate in the same manner as an air conditioner, but they incorporate a reversing valve to provide both heating and cooling from a single unit. They’re great for keeping you warm; call Quality Air of the Carolinas today for more information!

Maintenance and Repair Service

Once the unit has been installed, it’s designed to last for many years. However, at Quality Air of the Carolinas, we understand that the future is unpredictable and that anything can happen. We know the best way to own an air conditioner and prepare it for the future is to utilize the quality maintenance plan offered at Quality Air of the Carolinas. Through regular maintenance, our technicians will be able to keep your unit running at its full potential without overexerting itself. This will keep you comfortable and save you money. A maintenance plan is a great way to spot any minor problems and fix them before they become costly repairs. Even if a repair is necessary, our technicians are fully capable of fixing a broken cooling unit and having it back up and running in a timely manner at an affordable cost.

Cost, all too often, is the main consideration for a comfort system installation, but the initial installation cost is not the only cost you should consider. This decision can cost you dearly later-on. The following factors should weigh heavily in your decision.

The quality of the installation is very important. The most important day of your new system is the day it is installed.

• If you go with the cheapest bid, you will probably get a bottom quality installation. Especially if there is a wide cost difference between your bids, the lower bids are cutting corners somewhere.

• Be careful of price gouging. Heating and air conditioning companies need to make profit just like any other business!

You need to find the balance between the two. Quality Air of the Carolinas does our best to maintain employ the most knowledgeable technicians while providing the best equipment at price focused on integrity. We want your system to last 15-20 years and set it up to make it.

We offer top end equipment and installation materials at affordable pricing. Higher efficiency equipment from all manufacturers tends to be more dependable, as well as, saving dollars at the meters. Those service calls to keep lesser equipment running can cost considerably more, over time, than the initial installation cost for the better equipment.

The higher the efficiency, the less money escapes your wallet on a monthly basis. Lesser quality/efficiency equipment will cost a lot more to operate during it's lifetime, and they tend to fail sooner and more often. Service calls! Our maintenance plan ensure your current system will last as long as it can and your new system will reach maximum efficiency and age.

Quality Air of the Carolinas gives you the choice to add Indoor Air Quality health benefits at lowest in industry cost. For us, its not an upsell, it’s a necessity for you and your familes health. We offer lowest cost options with our installs as well as integrating these options into our maintenance choices.

Quality Air of the Carolinas is one of the best cooling companies in Charlotte, and we’re ready to prove it to you. No matter what you need to keep you cool, we can provide fast, high-quality service at a great price. Don’t hesitate; call us today at (704) 997-5778!

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